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Free wooden barrel

Back to school WORK!?

Loyalty must be rewarded

Hopefully the pandemic is at its end and gosh, we are so happy to have you as a customer. Even though people have worked a lot, and are still working, from home, you and many others continue to order our coffee. We are so grateful for this and that’s why we are giving away two presents:

  1. Coffee orders until October 31, 2021 receive a 15% discount. This applies to the first next order.
  2. We’re giving away our famous wooden barrels! Nice to brighten up your coffee corner or to use it for your ‘extra’ products such as tea, sugar or milk. Would you rather have a second or third barrel? Of course that’s possible too! The first one is for free, each barrel after that € 29.95 ex VAT.

Do you use our online platform for ordering? There you can add as many barrels to your shopping cart as you like. You can find the barrels under ‘other products’. You can also call or email us for ordering. Let us know you would like to receive a barrel and we will make sure it comes your way with your coffee order. We automatically calculate the 15% discount.

Thanks again for your loyalty! We hope to keep you happy as long as possible with our fair and delicious coffee.

New coffee bags

You may have seen it peeking out of the barrel in the picture above, but we have new coffee bags. Biodegradable, made from kraft paper, but with a more organic look than our current white bags. And what's really nice: it’s resealable! On the front you will find a strip that you can click open and close. Perfect for coffee machines with a bean container smaller than 1 kg. We also have given the sticker on the front and back a fresh new look. We and our partner Scorlewald are very happy with the result, we hope you are too.
The phasing out of our white bags will start from the end of August so keep an eye out for them.

Our new resealable coffee bags

Recycle your coffee machine

Does your coffee machine need replacement? Due to old age or have you shrunk or grown in staff in the past year and you no longer have the appropriate coffee machine in terms of capacity? Don't worry, we got your back!
At the moment we have a cool recycle promotion running. Return your coffee machine to us and based on the age you get a discount on your new coffee machine. We ensure that your 'old' machine gets a second life; in its entirety or through reused parts.
Find out in what year your machine ‘is born’ (use your serial number or proof of purchase) and we will give you the discount below when buying a new one (Jura of WMF). We are dealer of Jura and WMF coffee machines, therefore we have different discounts per label.

Year Jura machines WMF machines
2021-2018 20% 30%
2017 15% 25%
2016 10% 20%
Older than 2016 5% 10%

Of course, the discount can increase when trading in/purchasing multiple machines or extending our exclusive cooperation. Contact us for more information.

Go, go, go: let’s recycle!

The promotion runs until November 30.

Zuivelrijck organic milk cups

It’s possible you may have already seen them, but we switched from Friesche Vlag whole milk milk cups to Zuivelrijck organic semi-skimmed milk cups. Good for the diet and another step forward in our green and sustainable ambitions.

Thanks for reading. A new newsletter will follow soon with more positive news!
Enjoy the Indian Summer.

Much love,
Team Café del Mar